Error when importing an app from the homepage

Hello :slight_smile:

I currently have an error when trying to import an app from the homepage. The error is pretty self explanatory, so I checked it myself and can confirm that the uuid in the json file was indeed unique, which made me dig further more, and I found the reason why.

After importing an app from the homepage, then delete this app (into the trash folder), then permanently delete the app, Retool somehow keep this uuid somewhere and doesn't allow me to import an app with this uuid.

Is this intentional ? The only way to make this work is to manually change the uuid in the json, but that messes up my in-app links.

I also don't want to import the app directly in the app itself, since it breaks all the resources uuids.

Thanks for the help !

Hi there @Baptiste!

Unfortunately, this is a known issue but is currently in our backlog. I can let you know here when there's an update! For the moment, though, if you permanently delete an app you will need to change references to its UUID elsewhere in your org.

This has been fixed in Cloud version 2.102.0 and should be coming to on-prem soon as well!

You have a date on this? Because I am currently having the same issue on-prem and am unable to import the app with 12 modules.

Hey @ObiOne! The dev team is doing some final testing now but planning to release this week :slightly_smiling_face:

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