Reading results in parameters


I try to read parameter's value result passed to another app URL.
I read many posts here and the doc as well but still missing the basics.

I have a dashboard, let's call it app1. Thanks to the documentation I set properly some parameter.
Thus when I open the page http://myLocalRetool/apps/app1.parameter? I can see in the url bar of my browser http://myLocalRetool/apps/app1?parameter#parameter=value.

I try now to achieve the same programmatically from app2 without browsing nor displaying app1. Meaning I try to parse and retrieve value from the updated URL (once called). Similar to a GET Rest query.

I guess I miss something in the logic as non of my attempts seems to work: either via js with utils.openurl or defining a new GET query.

Any hint would be much appreciated.

Hey @jul, would you be able to share some screenshots of your current setup?

Hi @cperea
Thank you for reverting to me.
I cannot share screenshots as there to many sensitive data.
The use case is basic and generic. As said I think I miss the point somewhere and maybe what I try to achieve is not possible.
Again I try to call app2 from app1 with some parameter and retrieve data into app1.

Kind regards

@jul, I think I understand. You want to have App 1 use a Hash Param to pass data to App 2 and you have successfully done this now you want to actually use that data in App 2. In order to do this you could reference the hash params by using {{ urlparams.hash.YOUR_PARAMETER_NAME }} in App 2 or you could go into App Settings -> Page Settings -> Connect properties on the page to values in the URL like so:

Please let us know if this is what you're looking for!

HI @cperea
No it is not what I try to achieve.
Everything is taking place in app1

I try to call app2 from app1 with some parameter and retrieve data into app1

passing some parameters to app2 is fine but I cannot retrieve anything from app2 into app1, that way.

Maybe it's not possible ?

Got it thanks for clarifying. Can you share some screenshots of how you are currently trying to call app2 from app1? The best way to access data from app2 in app1 would be to use local storage.