Organization; Nested Folders

Retool currently allows for some basic organization with folders, but its quite primitive.
Here are a list of improvements that would greatly benefit the organization system within Retool:

  1. Nested Folders:
    The current folder system, for organizing apps and also organizing queries within apps, can only have folders at the root level. For any project within Retool that grows over time, this can be extremely cumbersome. I'd like to nested folders added to both the app folder system, and the in-app query folder system.

  2. Query library folders:
    Queries in the query library aren't able to organized at all, folders aren't supported. As queries get added to the Query Library, it starts to become a mess. Folders would again help, and nested folders would be even better!

These features have been requested before, some of those requests dating back a couple of years.

It's high time for Retool to take the organization system to the :zap:next level :zap:


Also here Retool subfolders for applications - #2 by MicExpert

+1 from many on this one


Thanks for resurfacing this feedback!

It looks like nested app folder work is in progress -- I'll post here if I get any updates.

For nested folders of app queries & folders for query library queries, I don't see that these are in progress yet, but I'll bump these requests internally


Awesome, thanks for keeping us in the loop Tess! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That's great news - this will be super helpful for managing our Query Library!

@Tess Any update on nested app folders?
It's been a couple of months since we last heard that they were in progress.

Hi @TomRizz, thanks for checking in! It's a fairly complex project, so it's still in progress. I just checked in with the team for an update. Given the complexity, it's difficult to offer a timeline, but it sounds like we are hoping to have something for ~end of Q1 next year


+1. This will be a very useful feature, looking forward to it, hopefully this quarter!


+1 for nested folders! My team and I are new to ReTool so we're still establishing our conventions, but right now I'd like to use subfolders to organize by project name and then into mobile and web versions.
Thank you ReTool team for working on subfolders!

Also we were just talking about our desire for Query Library folders.
+1 for Query Library folders feature, too!

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Any updates here? :grin:

We have a new update for nested folders :slightly_smiling_face: See the latest post here: Subfolder Creation - #44 by antonybello