Subfolder Creation

Hey folks! This isn’t on the immediate horizon but the dev team is targeting a release for it later this year!



Subfolder is a really smth we need to better organize our permission model.
+1 for this.

+1 We really looking forward to have this to build a structure for our projects


+1 It would be very useful to have. Any ETA?

Hey @Alejandro_Diaz! No ETA yet but it has recently gotten eyes on it and the dev team is aware that it's a very heavily requested feature.

+1 for subfolders.


+1 Any ETA on this?

+1 for this feature request!



+1. It's been 2 years.

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Thank God we're not at Atlassian's forum, it could be 10 or 15 years xD

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Hello all! Work on subfolder creation is finally in progress! :tada:


Hey @Kabirdas, would love to know if there are any updates on this!

Hey @shrenik, it's still in active development! At the moment the target release is around the end of Q1 next year.


joining the chorus of +1s. glad it's being worked on

We're currently dogfooding subfolders internally! There are still a bunch of fit-and-finish issues to fix up before it meets our external-launch quality bar, but we are on track to get it ready for public consumption by May, in time for the code freeze of our Q2 Long-Term-Support release🙂

As for why it took so long? It's mostly because we want subfolders and apps to inherit their permissions from their parent and ancestor folders. This will allow non-admin users to self-govern who can edit and use their apps by moving apps from personal folders that they own to shared folders that they can edit. But it also means that the project is drastically more complex, with a much higher quality and safety bar, than it would be to simply allow folders to live in other folders without changing the way permissions work.

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