Nested Folders/Groupings of Queries

Hi! I think it would be super useful for organization purposes if we were able to nest folders or groupings of queries. From everything I've tried, it seems that you can only place queries within a folder, but not folders within folders.



not the best example, but it does the job :slight_smile: Thanks for all you guys do at retool!

Hi bradyagranoff,

Thanks so much for your suggestion - I agree with you that being able to nest queries would help, and we have heard this come up for other customers as well. It's on our radar! I'll let you know once there's an update from our side, and in the interim, I'll leave this here so others can chime in with their thoughts. :)

+1 for nested folders. Similarly have folders (and the ability to nest them) in the query library would be very helpful for organization purposes.