Option to open a modal when button inside a table is clicked?

Hi im new on retool, any option to open a modal when i click Edit button? attached image:

im getting that info from a mysql db, i would like when someone click edit button of a row, it opens a modal with all details and when click Update button, update mysql db.

pd: i know i can create another app and when edit button is clicked open that, but i would like a modal instead so user wont see another app opened

also i know theres a modal option

but its possible to make that text a button like the first one on the left?

thank you

There is column type modal. But that’s not as customizable as a default mobile. What you can do is have the column set to link.

Add a modal anywhere and set the modal Hidden field to true.

In the table where you have the link you can set the link to open the modal.

Can’t send an example now but will do asap. Maybe someone else can chime in.

I also know that this very discussion has been posted with a solution in this forum. So if you search the forum you should find it

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and what about changing the Text for a nice looking button?

I only used a Custom Column as an example, you do not have to do so.


Yes got it working I added a jQuery like modal1.open() and works perfect

Thank you