How can I change the size of a modal of a column

I have a table with a custom column. The custom column is of type modal. Now I don't see any way how I can get this modal into the inspector to change the size. When I click on the edit-button I don't get the modal in the inspector.

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Hi @Noz,

It seems that you cannot edit the modal’s size when modal is the type of custom columns.

However, what you can do:

  • Add a modal from the list of components and name it modalForTable

  • Create a JS query (openModalForTableQuery) to open the modal :

  • Set the custom column type to Button and the OnClick method to openModalForTableQuery

  • Finally, set Hide when true property of the modalForTable to true, since you always want it to be hidden.

This way you can easily change the modal’s size.


This does not work anymore, since you cannot run Javascript from a TableButton:

This actually still works with a JS query.

Here is mine for reference:


How I hide the button that opens the modal?

If you inspect the modal in the right panel there should be a "Hidden" field you can use!

thanks, this is helpful.
Do you have an idea how I can pass the data of the row of the selected button to the modal. In my case, I added a form to modalForTable modal. When the user clicks on the button from a specific row, it opens the modal populated with that row data.

Hi @Zainab_Salameh!

When you click on a button in a table it'll typically select the corresponding row so you can use {{ }} to reference the data you're looking for.

This is a bit different if you've set an action button to not select the row when clicked. In that case, you might try using i in your query to reference the row that was just clicked, e.g. this also works if you have multi-select enabled!