Option to move components to existing or new containers

The process to put an existing component into a container is frequent but cumbersome, because it requires dragging in a container, moving the component into it, and then resizing everything that you messed up.

When right-clicking on a component, a menu already opens for "view documentation, view state..."

It would be nice to add a few more options to here, such as

  • move to existing container -> popup menu of existing containers
  • move to new container (puts a container around it)
  • move to new tabbed container (puts a new tabbed container around it)

Yes, this would be super helpful. Along with possibility to move components in the hierarchy using drag and drop on the left side components menu, just like figma

Adding my vote

Very good idea!

Hey folks, the dev team is aware of this request! In the meantime, it is possible to cut + paste components from your canvas into a container using the usual keyboard commands. That doesn't fully match the functionality of being able to drag and drop from the component tree, but hopefully, it helps for those who might not be aware!