BUG? Unable to move elements between two containers

Looking at the image below, here's a fun little game to play if you're bored - move containerX between containerW and containerY, and then dividerA before containerW.


For additional fun, time yourself and see how long it takes you.

As a bonus round, try duplicating containerV.

Final result:

(SPOILER AHEAD) Moral of the game - there doesn't seem to be a way to simply move an element between containers, or on either side of it, unless the container is the very top element or if there is an element above the container that is anything but a container.

Short of the above, any attempt to place an element following or preceding a container will result in the element being placed inside the container.

Similarly, duplicating a container results in it being duplicated inside itself rather than next to itself.

When dealing with screens that have numerous elements and containers (to keep everything organized and "movable"), rearranging elements can be a pain.

Any hopes we can get this addressed relatively quickly? I can't imagine that it is so by design.


Wow, look what I came across today, while cringing about having to paste a few things:


I guess this was freshly introduced? If so, nice work Retool team, thanks!

Moving elements between two containers still causes it to be added inside a container, though.

I may have spoken too quickly, as it seems choosing Paste below doesn't actually paste below - it pastes into still.

Thanks for the feedback here @27shutterclicks! I've filed a report with the dev team, I see how moving components around when using a bunch of containers is very frustrating. Will let you know here when there's a fix!

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@Kabirdas Checking in to see if there is any progress on this?

I just tried to move some containers around again and trying to move any element after a container still causes the element to be placed inside the container.

As shown above, this becomes increasingly more challenging and time consuming when there are multiple containers next to each other with no other elements in between (which is often the case).

Expediting a fix for this would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @27shutterclicks! There hasn't been progress here yet, the team is aware that it's an issue and wants to address it but they've needed to focus on other features. It is on the to-do list though as part of continued improvements to the mobile IDE.

Thank you for letting me know, @Kabirdas, I appreciate the follow up.