Ability to manually set component location

It would be great if we had an ability to see the current location of a component within the page in the component Inspector and be able to move a component through it as well, instead of always relying on drag and drop.

For example, if my component is currently located in a container named “container1” and I want to move it to “container2”, it would be great, if in the component inspector I could do that somehow. This may seem like a trivial ask, but I don’t always have access to a giant monitor and dragging and dropping can be difficult when working on a small screen on a busy page… The component could be just dropped to the bottom of the chosen region and I could pick up and move from there. I usually can get the job done, but some shortcuts like this would be handy.


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Hey @gilcrest! Definitely a reasonable request. Still working on re-doing the layout engine - we know this can be really frustrating and definitely want to improve it!


Scroll Into View feature is gone on the updated container, I suppose you are working on bringing that feature from the deprecated container to the new one. Also, while testing out scrollIntoView() within a container on our end, we found it scrolled the subcontainer into view, but also the entire page so that it's at the top of the app page, which is not what we want. One option is also writing a custom component (search "custom" in the component library), which should allow you to simulate HTML scrollIntoView() behavior. However, this is less than ideal since it requires more legwork and Retool's updates wouldn't update it.