Ability to manually set component location

It would be great if we had an ability to see the current location of a component within the page in the component Inspector and be able to move a component through it as well, instead of always relying on drag and drop.

For example, if my component is currently located in a container named “container1” and I want to move it to “container2”, it would be great, if in the component inspector I could do that somehow. This may seem like a trivial ask, but I don’t always have access to a giant monitor and dragging and dropping can be difficult when working on a small screen on a busy page… The component could be just dropped to the bottom of the chosen region and I could pick up and move from there. I usually can get the job done, but some shortcuts like this would be handy.


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Hey @gilcrest! Definitely a reasonable request. Still working on re-doing the layout engine - we know this can be really frustrating and definitely want to improve it!

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