Open link in new browser tab without switching tab, how?

I have a link on my app. If user clicks on it, new tab opens and focus switches to this new browser tab. I want that this tab is loading in the background without the focus switch, because user needs to open many links like this. As aternative he tried to use CTRL+CLICK, but this doesn't work either, it will just open the tab and switch to it automatically.

Clicking on the link, opens in new tab, but also switches the focus to this new tab. Same with CTRL+CLICK which usually should open new tab in background without shifting the focus:

Any solution for this? It slows down my users massively if they always get switched to the new tab and then need to navigate back to continue their work on the original tab.
Thank you

Hi @Reboon, thanks for your question!

This cannot be adjusted within Retool. However, this can be avoided a few ways:

  1. Right click the link and select "Open Link in New Tab".
  2. Download a browser extension to force new tabs to run in the background.
  3. If users have a mouse with a middle click, they can set up specific behavior.

Tip: If the user is on a Mac they can open the link with cmd + return. Then use cmd + opt + < to toggle back to their tab and use the down arrow or tab to navigate to the next link.

Hope that help your process speed up. Best of luck!