Numbers inputfield doesn't run automatically on change

There is an issue with the numbers inputfield component. If you add event handlers to it, and set it to 'on change', the problem is, the handlers do not trigger 'on change'. You have to press 'enter' or click a submit, if not, it doesn't do anything.

The bug in this component is still present, after I've mentioned it one year ago. The problem is, for almost all of our use cases we search by number, the search should run automatically when someone changes the input. I have created a custom component for it now, however it would be much more convenient if Retool would fix this issue with the numbers inputfield component as it is such a basic and main component.

Back then I was informed that the issue might be related to the stepper buttons. Which are present in numbers inputfield, but not in the text inputfield (the text inputfield doesn't have this issue). Could it be put back on the roadmap for a fix?

Thanks :pray:


Hi @ellenhelena,

Thank you for reaching out! This bug is still in our queue, but we haven't been able to prioritize it yet :disappointed: I've shared your specific feedback internally & will let you know if I get any updates :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for the update. It has been 1 year now :smiling_face_with_tear:
Hopefully they can fix it soon :crossed_fingers: