Notification Updates

Hey team,

With rolling out of new notification feature feels like we've got a regression.

Previously if a query failed you'd get:
query_js: Error message here

With the new update you just get:
query_js failure with no error message unless it is explicitly handled within query.

With that being said additional features to make this change shine would be:

  • Ability to hide query name or replace it with a user visible alternative as showing them raw name is confusing

  • Ability to pre-populate settings for error message based on resource i.e. we always expect or to have the message instead of always having to set it on a query level

  • Ability to search logs based on failure uuid or some equivalent
    -User copies Log ID or URL based on which people with access could get to audit page directly


Great thinking @stefancvrkotic!

Imagine a LLM turning the error message into a human readable header, description for the notification and a copy button for debug information that can be sent to the dev team.