No access to new Phone Number Input component


I see in the forums that ALL Cloud susers should have access to a new "Phone Number Input" component as of end of last year. i do not have this component in my component list to build from, how do i get access to new/updated components?

Thank you.


Hey @kward.suffolk ! If you type Phone number in the left panel, are you not seeing this? The first listed component in screenshot should be the new one we recently added.

Hi @Darya_Verzhbinsky! Thank you for the reply. No, i do not have that option, nothing comes up when searching for "phone"


@kward.suffolk Hmm that is definitely unexpected. Can you confirm which version you're on? You can access the version in a Retool app by clicking the ? button at the bottom right of the screen. You'll see this popover, and the version will be at the bottom of it:



@kward.suffolk Thanks for screenshot! I just realized your first screenshot is actually of the mobile component list. This component is not available for mobile apps unfortunately, only web apps. If you go to web app editor, are you seeing it there?

@Darya_Verzhbinsky Ohhh! i guess I missed that! This component would be super-helpful for Mobile apps as well (phone numbers are pretty common element in Mobile apps :wink: ). Any chance a request can be made to add this component for Mobile?

@kward.suffolk Agreed it would be great to add a mobile component! I have requested this internally. We will reach out with any updates!