New way to input CSS (raw HTML)?

Loving the new changes, especially varying height text components!

Question: with the new text input component, how do I input raw html? I'm trying to put in style tags containing CSS styles. I see the tooltip to use the iframe or custom component, but it doesn't appear this can contain styling that affects the rest of the page.

Is there a way to put in the "old" text component?

Thank you!

Hi @byron!

You can certainly use the "old" text component (search for Text depreciated)

We also have a new feature you can use for Custom CSS (click to the three dots button in the top right corner of your app & navigate to "Scripts and styles"):

The new text component automatically supports basic HTML:

Thanks @Tess. Is the old text component available for everyone? I'm not seeing it.

The custom CSS is helpful, but still to insert my custom HTML as well. Thank you!

Hi @byron!

You might need to head over to Settings > Beta > enabled "Deprecated components" to see the old text component again :slight_smile:

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Amazing, thank you!

Product suggestion: please add proper html support to the next text component, if possible!

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Update! We have an HTML component now :tada: