New: Tablet Support for Retool Mobile

Hi all! We are excited to support split screen views for tablets.

Now users can show a more information dense display - an example use case is pinning a list on the left and showing the corresponding detail screen on the right when navigating. This can be configured in the navigation event handler.

If you are developing for both phone and tablet, the split screen view is responsive and will only be shown on larger screens so there is no need to develop separate apps. Here is the link to the docs - check out the demo walkthrough to see tablet support in action. Please let us know if you have any feedback and happy building!



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It's a nice feature

I played around a little bit but saw my UI jumps a bit when opening split screen, not sure if its my implantation or not.

Also. On foldable device closing internal screen and opening Retool on small external screen, the app stays in split view. To go back to mobile view, need to force close and reopen