[Announcement] You can now build native mobile apps in Retool

I’m excited to share that we’ve opened early access for Retool Mobile, the fastest way to build native apps for your mobile workforce. Get early access here.

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With Retool Mobile, you can:

  • Build a native app, even if you’re not a mobile developer. Create a mobile interface with pre-built components you drag and drop. Customize with code in JS and SQL.

  • Publish in one click to iOS, Android, and as a PWA. Keep your apps consistently up to date with real-time over-the-air (OTA) updates.

  • Manage all your apps securely, SSO, granular permissions, and audit logs come out of the box so your team always has the right tools.

If you have a use case, get started here or feel free to ping me at Liza@Retool.com with any questions.


Can we import existing Desktop Retool applications into Mobile applications?

Hi @TabraizAhmed, not at the moment, no. You can read more about the differences between Retool Mobile and Retool on the web in our documentation: Retool Mobile. We'd be happy to help you re-build your app for mobile, feel free to email me Liza@Retool.com