New table doesn't support adding new rows?

I'm migrating an app that uses the Legacy table to the new table component. In the legacy one, there are actions to add new rows through the toolbar but in the new table I'm not being able to figure out the proper way to add new records into the table. Is there something I am missing or the new table doesn't support new rows?

Hey Agustin!

There are some features missing from the new table, so before migration it's worth checking if you can replicate all behavior you are looking to migrate!

It seems the native way of adding new rows is missing (probably in the works) but worth adding a feature request to make sure it's on Retool's team radar!

You can find some posts mentioning the differences.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Agustin_Daguerre! The recommended pattern for handling adding new rows to a Table is to use a form. You can create one by dragging out a Form > Generate Form > select your Table as the source to automatically generate the fields. Then you can add a submit handler to trigger a query to update your data

Hope this helps!