Add Row to Table missing in new UI

My table is editable but I can't find the "Show Add Row" switch. Shouldnt it be in the TOOLBAR settings? its not.

The screenshot in this help doc doesnt match the UI anymore.

This Blog Post shows it, but doesnt tell you how to do it.

Please help.
Attached screenshots of my table.

Hello, the article you reading is about legacyTable component. The LagacyTable have been replaced by new Table which is not add button yet.

here is different from them.

Table component and Legacy Table component differences | Retool Docs

Learn about updated properties in the new Table component.

Here is workaround for this problem.

thank you for the response.

Hey! Wanted to pop in here and say we have added this feature to the new table component!

See post here: New: Add New Row Toolbar Button on Table.