New: Retool RPC Beta

:wave: Hello from the Retool team. We're exciting to introduce into beta a feature we're calling Retool RPC, which lets you connect your own codebase to Retool, allowing you to define functions in your backend and call them in Retool apps and workflows. It's something we think can be pretty powerful for a number of use cases, but we'd love to hear from folks in the community who might be trying to solve this problem today.

:zap: To see Retool RPC in action in a video and read a walkthrough, you can follow this quickstart guide on our docs: Retool RPC quickstart | Retool Docs

:question:If you're interested in Retool RPC because it solves a problem you're having with integrating Retool into your existing codebase, we'd love to hear from you! We'll be rolling out Python support in addition to Node shortly, but we're excited to see how this can be compelling from the community.

:man_running:Want to get started? Fill out this form to be enabled for the beta.



I'm excited to hear about the Retool RPC beta feature! It sounds like a powerful way to integrate Retool with existing codebases.

I'm interested in testing the Retool RPC beta feature. Do I need to enroll anywhere? If so, how can I do that?


Hey Patrick, added in a form to enroll!

This is great!

When there is a python SDK available, I will be one of the first ones to sign up!!

Any news on the SDKs in other languages? In docs I can see you are planning to roll out support for many other languages and I am hoping python will make the cut :slight_smile:

Hey @matthewisabel

Thank you!

BTW, nice form, done with Retool! When submitting the form I got this:

But clicking the "Create a form" got me to which does not exist.



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Forms by Retool ?
I would like to try it !

Hey there - we're trying to use the Retool RPC product in Typescript but are unable to deploy it to a production environment because of a package issue. There is an open issue on Github that has been created with exact reproduction steps to troubleshoot the issue we're seeing: SyntaxError: Named export 'RetoolRPC' not found. · Issue #11 · tryretool/retoolrpc · GitHub
Would really appreciate if this could be looked at so we can continue adoption, as Retool RPC seems like a great devex for our internal endpoints. Thanks.

@jqh100 For CommonJS, please use the following syntax:

var rt = require('retoolrpc');
const rpc = new rt.RetoolRPC({

@jqh100 Actually, looks like there is some issue with using "ESBuild" and --format=esm. We can take a look at that later. But for now, you can change the "target" of ESBuild to use --format=cjs and it would work.

See my change here for example & See more on the github issue for detail:

@jqh100 We've also pushed a new version (v0.1.3) that should resolve import issues with ESbuild