New Listview accessing data in inputs/selects


I have a problem accessing input data in new component List View.
All i can see in the forum works on legacy version but not in the new one.

I have data to load in List view, that works. I have an input or a select in each view.
I want to build a query that can save a set of data from the source and from the inputs.

In the state menu i have my "listview" component with 0 to 10 index in data.
I also have my "select1" component with 0 to 10 index (but not in data)

I try to create an array with this in a foreach :
the result is in an error state. I try select1[i].value, select1.value, a var in the query that contains select1 or select1[i]. Nothing works.

Here a few images if that can help.


I'm using legacy listview for my application but still interested in a solution to use with new listview component.