Accces Input Value in New ListView Component

I'm trying to access the values of an input-value box in the new listview component.
If I inspect the textInput in the inspector, i'll see there are multiple items in the textInput object, but when I'm trying to access them in JS, it acts like there is only one item - screenshot 2 - (just like a regular textInput box). So I cannot make use of the textInput1[i].value function - screenshot 1.

If I try the same on the legacy-list-view with an input field it works as expected an described on this forum.
Is this a bug, or do I miss something?


It's not available yet as per their announcement.

Thanks for your feedback, i missed this one. Hope it will be added shortly.

Hi @Ronaldvm, thanks for using the new list view component. As we're continuing to develop features to access values within the List View, would love to know your use case -- what values do you need to access within your List View?

Here's a post where we're collecting some feedback, and we'll share updates too! This helps us make sure we're headed in the right direction with our features.