Can't find the State tab in the new IDE

Hi there!

The new IDE looks nice, and even seems faster than before. But I can't find the State tab that was visible in the Legacy IDE, next to the Components tree view.

I used it to see the response from the queries my apps make.

Where can I find it now?


I sent this as well in feedback when I reverted back to existing non-Beta IDE - for now

Same here, it's in the debug panel, apparently they are considering to make it more visible.

Same here. had to revert to legacy IDE because of missing State tab.
Please bring it back :wink:

Hey everyone! Thank you for all the feedback—always appreciated. We’ve temporarily removed it from the left panels, but you can still access it via the Debug Tools. This has been the a common piece of feedback for users on the new IDE, so we'll be addressing this shortly! :slight_smile:


@xoel @ScottR @abusedmedia @patrickMast thank you again for this feedback! Circling back to close the loop -- the IDE eng team heard your feedback and in the July 28th Cloud release of Retool (v3.6.0) we added State and Debug Console into the Sidebar! Toggle it at the bottom left corner. Now you have the ability to dock or undock your Debug Tools into the Sidebar and customize your workspace even further.

(see @Jennifer_Zhang 's earlier Discord update about this in the beta channel if you were in there!)

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