Need help tracking down format I think

I'm connecting Retool to AutoTask, and MSP Management system. I got the resource setup, and I can do static API queries in the form of:
[baseurl]/Companies/12345 for example.

Where I'm running into a problem is, the specific format of POST query that AutoTask is providing in their documentation, results in : "Processing of the HTTP request resulted in an exception. Please see the HTTP response returned by the 'Response' property of this exception for details."

Here's a test "Body" that AutoTask provides:

  "MaxRecords": 10,
  "IncludeFields": [],
  "Filter": [
      "op": "gt",
      "field": "id",
      "value": 0,
      "udf": false,
      "items": []

When I use their Swagger test interface, this is what they provide, and it returns 10 records. But, in Retool, I just get the error. Any ideas on how I chase down specific problems? When I go look at the specific API response, it's got a 500 Internal Server Error, so something's not being sent correctly... I think...

Hey @TDawgGCat!

When you preview your query you should be able to click on the API Request tab to see what's actually being sent:

If you can post a screenshot of that along with your query configuration we can take a look at what might be going on here with you!