Need Help on Local Deploy Windows 10 SQL Server

I did read other similar topic on forum as well as following instruction on Local Deploy. I am afraid I still need help setting it up. The instruction says for Mac and Linux. Btu I suppose same for Windows? My goal is to have ReTool access SQL Server on my local desktop (for proto-typing).

ReTool seem like a great low-code no-code environment, but looks like it require some technical knowledge on my part to install this on-premise. I followed your instruction and setup GIT, and was able to download and setup your folder:

Running the script gives out this error.

./ line 9: wget: command not found
./ line 1: sudo: command not found
./ line 2: sudo: command not found
./docker_setup: line 6: dig: command not found

I am new to all of these. Appreciate your help pointing me to the right direction.


Hi @YYoung - Jamie here, an engineer working on self-hosted Retool. Thanks for trying this out and excited to get you up and running.

Today, our self-hosted Retool beta isn't available on Windows local deploy. Instead, would you be able to spin up a Linux VM in AWS/Azure then connect to the sql server as a resource? The instructions, including 1-click stack creation, are here:

Let me know if that works and feel free to ping me with any questions!

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