On premise Microsoft SQL

Hi everyone.
I recently installed Retool on premise on my MacBook Pro - M1 Max, 32gb RAM with Docker following the tutorial on the website.
I created a local (on the same computer) DB to make some tests with the Microsoft SQL Resource and using 'host.docker.internal' on port 1443 everything works.
The problem is when I try to connect to a DB on the same network but that is on my Server, and not in LocalHost.
From my terminal I can Ping both the name and the IP address of the Server, but in Retool I’m having “Timeout error”.
I managed also to connect to the Server-DB with ODBC (from different applications), but using the same credentials and settings on Retool I'm not able to connect and I don't know were the Problem can be.
I can connect also to the Server DB with the Mac App Azure Data Studio.

On my Docker configuration file the version is v.3.52.1-stable.

Any idea what’s wrong?


Hello @Pr0p3t!

Could you send me a screenshot of where you are getting the 'Timeout error'?

What directory are you in, in your terminal where you are able to ping the server you are running?

What is the set up you are using/IP address for the server you are trying to access?

I am guessing the issue is that retool is running inside of docker and that is blocking access of the DB resource you are trying to set up up and connect to.