Self Hosting with MS SQL

Hi, our small Engineering business prefers to keep data onsite in SQL server. We are trying to migrate away from MS Access as a front end. We've been trialing Retool which we like, except for the time lag between queries. Sometimes up to 30S which makes it unusable. I was thinking that self-hosting could solve the problem, but I was told it couldn't be done. Reading the posts though, I think I've been misled. Can I self-host Retool and connect to my SQL server?
FYI, currently a max of 10 users & I've replicated the queries from MS Access. I don't think it should be so slow.

Hey @BillShaw, connecting to the resource from a self hosted instance shouldn't be too different from a cloud instance. Sounds like you are already connected?

Let me know if I'm misunderstanding, but we do have a native MS SQL resource connector which is available on premise as well.

Thanks for your reply. From what I understand, to self-host, I'd have to use the docker software, which is available for windows Server, but not supported by Retool. So, the only other option is to set up another computer with something like Ubuntu, install Docker and then interface with our server. That's getting too complicated for our small organization, and I was hoping there was something simpler.
Am I right with the above? For the time being, I'm going to work on simplifying the queries.

@BillShaw Yes, the simplest deployment is using the docker-compose setup, but it's not the only way to self host. I believe the most common method for Windows users is to create a VM and run a linux distribution (ie: Ubuntu). I've never tried to set this up on Windows server, but I couldn't find anything that says this is not supported. It looks like Windows server uses Hyper-V which should support running Ubuntu etc.