Need for simpler CRUD Table Tutorial

Hi Team,

I am trying to put together a case study for my business to use/get Retool.

For this on the free plan I want to put together a simple CRUD UI that works from a table module. That is a table where if a user edits a field and click a button called save it then updated the DB. I have watched many videos and tutorials but there is a lot of outdated information out there with functions that no longer exist making it hard to do something which I know would be very simple once the right method is clear.

The table module name is Builders and the primary key is BUILDER_ID i want the user to be able to edit selected columns and then hit save which i've already set up to run the below update query built with the GUI. I want the columns the updates happen on to be dynamic based on the columns edited preferably.

Whats the simple clean way of doing this I know I'll kick myself when you show me.

Hey there @Gabriel_Mingorance, welcome to the forum!

You're almost there!

From what you say you are happy with users being able to modify values from different rows. If that's the case then you should change the Action Type on your query to Bulk Update via primary key, and select the column on your database that is the primary key.

Make sure that in your table settings you have selected a primary key (right above th3 columns settings).

Some of my clients don't like to have to click on a save button and prefer more of an "excel feel". So what I do is trigger the query from a table "Change Cell" event and remove the save button. As such for every change the query runs. There is a split second until the database returns refreshed, but they're fine with that.

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Thanks! i think this will work for me!

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