Edit record (Table) using column Dropdown

Hello team,

I am facing an issue while updating a table record using a dropdown (column type) for a table column.
Basically, I display a dropdown of a list of products (query) matching the product_id of the order table.


The update works but I need to force refresh the display of the table to get the actual NEW dropdown value after update.


  1. Alter the Dropdown value
  2. Save the row
  3. Table automatically refresh and revert the dropdown selected value prior the step 1
  4. Refresh the table
  5. dropdown selected value is now good

Here the small video that shows the problem.

Hey @existenz25, and welcome to the community! Thanks for this detailed writeup - have you set the update query to trigger the get query on success? So if there’s a query that’s reading data and backing your table, you should configure it to re-run when your update query succeeds

Hey @justin
The problem occurs in a basic usage like updating a text field in the Product table (onboarding_db).

Here a full example of my problem using a from-scratch project:

When I update the product name, then I update the row, the text value is changed back to the previous value before updating.
I need to force refresh the table (using the refresh button in the table or programmatically) to display the new value updated.
The display is then odd: I change the text value => press save => the text value changes back to the old value => I force refresh the table => the text value returns to the good value.

I guess there is a problem here: either a bug or a misunderstanding when using the dropdown in a table …
But I think I have followed pretty much the official documentation here:

Thanks for your feedback

Gotcha! Well it looks like at the end of the video, you configured your bulk update query to trigger query1 on success, which then updated the table correctly.

I don’t have enough information to help you debug this here - I’d recommend writing into Intercom to get quicker support. We’ll want to take a look at what’s getting triggered when and what the .data property of your table looks like post-update.