Native integration with documint to generate pdf?

Hi any chance to get a integration with documint? thats a company to generate PDF for less, its almost free if you use watermarked pdf and have rest api.

thank you

If you're looking to generate a PDF from original data, there are plenty of posts in the forum that have discussed this... or are you trying to download as PDF?

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Both generate pdf and download

@agaitan026 Have you read through the docs? While it isn't always 100% up to date, there is a ton of information in Docs in addition to the forum when you search for solutions.
I have found that the best way to learn and improve my skills is by trying it myself first and then only posting (with code and screenshots) when I am absolutely unable to find a solution in the docs or in the forum. But, that's just me.

Hello @agaitan026

Yes, you can.

Looking up documint's documentations, they have a REST API which Retool Supports.

I also would like to buttress the steps outlined by @ScottR.

Here is a community post on making PDFs in Retool

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