Way to create a PDF

Is there any way to create a PDF within Retool?
My use case is I want to be able to take information from one or more tables and build out an invoice in PDF form to be able to be saved to the desktop and/or emailed out. I see the PDF viewer, but that is just to view an already created PDF file.
Even if I could get the information laid out on the screen, an "export to pdf" button would work.

Hi Cole. There is a PDF exporter query type, which you can create layouts in Markup and bring in information from the app inside {{ }} tags. After running, it starts a PDF download of the result. It does work, but there isn’t much documentation and I’m not familiar enough with Markup to create exactly what I would want.

From an older reply: How to use PDF exporter?

Great, thanks. I tried searching but the search on this forum never returns any results no matter what you search for.

@retool team are there any docs or help available on creating a table and exporting a series of rows from a separate query? Not sure how to loop through records to create separate rows.

That’s actually also the point I got stuck at. I created a JS snippet inside the pdf exporter markup to map the table data and create a string of markup for each row, but couldn’t get the markup table to properly recognize the row breaks.

Hey @coleca!

We recently added a utility for downloading the current page as a PDF using Javascript! https://docs.retool.com/docs/scripting-retool#utilsdownloadpagefilename-string

Dear all,
I searched a lot of solution and I keep in my to use API document generation, I used carbone.io on a self-host server where my database is installed
I hope it can help

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