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I'm new to retool and looking to evaluate if it's thr ight platform for my company needs or not.

An absolutely key feature for our plans is viewing documents, at least PDF but preferably also common formats like Word.

I've found the PDF viewer and concerned it's way to basic.

Do any other components exist?
Can we build our own from tools like pdf.js?
Is there a marketplace for such components?

Hope someone can help, love the tool but this is a show stopper?


@mdb213 Welcome to the forum! There are numerous posts about importing pdf libraries so you should be able to find a solution fitting your needs.
What are the must haves for you regarding PDFs or anything else?

The inbuilt widget looks very simple.

pdf.js and the viewer we built elsewhere based on it gives:

  • zooming
  • page rotation
  • page thumbnails
  • search for text
  • print

If the answer is we have to build our own component that's ok but I'm struggling to find how to do this

Any pointers welcome. This is key to us choosing Retool to move forward


Hi Mike, I'd recommend creating a custom component with pdf js.

We're actively working on improving our custom component to be integrated with common libraries - so we may have some improvements shipping later this year that will be helpful for your use case :crossed_fingers: For now, I'd recommend reading through the custom component docs (and letting us know on the forum if you hit any blockers or questions!). This community post and this post might be interesting to check out.

Thanks Tess, that's great guidance. I appreciate your time in replying to me

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