PDF Component that allows editing values in fields

The Retool PDF component is limited in functionality. ​I need a PDF component that allows me to not only view PDF forms, but fill them out and save different versions of them. (1) Are there any APIs that allow this? (2) Will coding a custom component be too cumbersome? If not, which library should I use? (3) Is there anyone who has made something similar that they wouldn't mind sharing?



Hi Vinesh,

Thanks for reaching out about the limitations of the Retool PDF component. You're right, it doesn't offer full form filling and versioning functionalities. Here are some options to consider:

Carbone.io's integration appears to be the most efficient approach based on your experience. Here's a post from another community member about using it. It's also possible that other tools such as DocuSign or Adobe Sign might provide a more suitable solution for you.

Another option for you is to use Utils.download with JavaScript manipulation to achieve some filling functionalities. While its primarily for downloading pages, using it might be simpler than creating a custom component, depending on your needs.

I hope this information is helpful. I've gone ahead and filed a feature request for enhanced PDF functionalities in Retool based on your feedback. Thank you for being a valued Retool customer.