Multiplayer error on one specific app

  • Goal:
    collaborate on our project

  • Steps:
    We were working on a retool app. Multiple people working at the same time. We started getting this multiplayer error and it is now repeatedly happening.

  • Details:
    This only seems to happen on one app. I believe the last thing I did before it started happening was either renaming or deleting a resource. I did both (on two different resources) right around the time when it started.

  • Screenshots:

Hello @James_Tuxbury!

That's an interesting error message :sweat_smile: Haven't seen that one before.

Does this error occur when you try to edit your add or when you are editing the app and then another users joins on multiplayer? Does the error occur for both editors or only one?

I'd like to try to reproduce this bug and get to the bottom of this. It's odd that it only seems to happen to one app, I am curious as to what extent the renaming/deleting of a resource played a role in the syncing of the multiplayer feature being disrupted... :thinking:

My first bit of advice would be to solo edit and delete/remake the resource if that's not too much of a hassle. Although no worries if that is a lot of work, it's hard to say what else can be done to get the app with the issue back to a stable state where other editors can sync up via multiplayer.

Our multiplayer feature is still very new so I will get in touch with the eng team working on it to see if they can help!

Also to clarify, you renamed a resource, then deleted the resource?

And did those actions in that order on two different resources, what kind of resources were they? :grin:

Thanks for the reply @Jack_T . The resources that were renamed/deleted were unrelated to this app. It definitely was only happening in this app, but has since stopped happening. If we somehow get this to happen again I will post again.

Also to clarify the error was showing up every few seconds regardless of if I was interacting with the app or not. I was getting the error and so was one other person who was working on the same app.

Thank you for the details!

Our internal eng team said they noticed other users with the error, determined it was on our end and put out a patch to fix it!

So no worries it wasn't anything you or your team did on your end. They said the server was working well without any error logs, let us know if it pops up again!

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Great, thanks @Jack_T for the update.