More Components moving on their own gremlins

I am moving a few components on my app and another component, which is not selected, is moving on its own.

Here is a video: Video Demo

All of these components are inside a form which is inside a container with multiple views.

Another possible clue is the Text box that is moving on its own will not move using the arrow keys after it is selected, I most move it back with the mouse.

And if I put a spacer in its way, it does not move on it's own anymore.

Seems this is similar to this issue from several months ago: Strange coupling of components makes editing impossible - #11 by Schteevynn


Additional components got gremlins: Example 2
More: Example 3

Also Undo has no effect on getting these weirdly moving components back to their starting positions.

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I am experiencing the same problem.
Some of the components come up on their own and there seems to be a vertical padding (unintentional and uncontrollable) around them.

If I duplicate these components, the new ones don't seem to be affected by this problem at first but develop it when they are moved to certain places in the canva.

Is there any update on this?

Hello! That's quite strange, I don't think we have any other ongoing reports about this. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you're seeing as well as a JSON export of your app? You can export your apps by clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner of the app > Export to JSON.


I made a few interface changes and this issue seems to have disappeared.
If this happens again, I'll send you my app in JSON format.

Thanks for your answer!

Oh, awesome! So glad to hear it + thank you for the update, Adrien :slight_smile:

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