Issue with Module Functionality: Rows Missing in Application View- Auto height

Hello everyone,

I've been utilizing the Module feature for my project without any issues for several days. However, I encountered a peculiar problem today. When editing the module, the rows within a table are displayed correctly (as shown in Image 1). Yet, when the module is applied to the app, some rows are unexpectedly omitted and do not appear as they should, resembling the situation depicted in Image 2. It's in a listview -> container -> (body) table

image1-module edit
image2 - App

After conducting various tests to identify the root cause, I discovered that this issue arises when the table's height is set to "Auto". Switching the height setting to "Fixed" seems to resolve the problem, indicating that the auto height setting might be malfunctioning. Despite this workaround, my preference is to have the table height adjust automatically.


Has anyone else encountered this issue or have any insights on how to resolve the problem while keeping the table height set to "Auto"? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello again,

I wanted to provide an update and seek further assistance on the module issue I previously described. I've noticed that when I delete the module from the app and recreate it, everything appears fine initially, as it should (as shown in the attached image). However, upon refreshing the app, the problem reemerges, with rows being incorrectly displayed or omitted altogether. This issue was not present until yesterday, and I'm at a loss as to why it's happening now.


Changing the height setting from "Auto" to "Fixed" does make the rows visible, but given that this table is meant to display a repeatable list with varying item lengths, using a fixed height setting is impractical and leads to a suboptimal user experience. The flexibility of the "Auto" setting is crucial for the functionality and aesthetic of our app.

Is there anyone who has faced a similar issue or can offer a workaround that doesn't involve setting a fixed height? Any help or suggestions would be immensely appreciated to address this perplexing issue.

Thank you once more for your time and support.

this might make no sense to any of us lol but does thos happen when they're placed as a child of something else. like if you place the module in a container, in the parent app, then put the container whereever the module would go? or in the module putting everything within a single comtainer?

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Hi there. I'm running into the same issue as of today. Yesterday everything was working fine and as of this morning I am facing the same bug. Unfortunately don't have any solutions

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Hi there, Thanks for reporting this! It looks like a regression :disappointed: I'm seeing the same issue on my side. We are reporting this to our internal eng team & will keep you posted about a more permanent fix other than using "fixed" height

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Hi there, this should be resolved now. Please let us know if you see any issues still


I checked. It works!
Thanks you.