Module Output is incorrect

I have a module output named noteSummaryOutput that relies on the value of a Text Area component from within that module. When editing the module, the output looks correct:

However, when I go to the parent app and try to reference the output field after modifying the value of the corresponding Text Area, it's definitely not correct:

Any insight as to why this might be happening? It looks like the noteSummaryOutput that gets passed to the parent app is actually the defaultValue of the Text Area instead of the value, in case that's helpful.

Hey there!
Thanks for reaching out to us. Hm, I tried to recreate this in these two apps
textInputApp.json (12.3 KB)
textInputModule.json (5.6 KB)

I believe this should be the same setup, let me know if it's not. However, I was not able to reproduce this behavior. Does this occur with all inputs coming from that module?

It's the only input field that we're using for the module output values, but it seems to be happening consistently, yes. I have found a way around it so if it's not a reproducible bug for you, I think it's fine to close this! Just wanted to report it as a potential bug.

Understood! Thank you for that clarification/ I was more so curious if it was just the textArea that was affected, and if anything added to the module would pass to the parent app correctly.