Can't keep default input value in Module

This might be a very silly problem but I just can't get to the bottom of the issue.

I have this input on a module where I want to set a default value but it just gets ignore and another strings gets overwritten and I have no idea where to track where that string comes from within the module. I put product, but I get individual_sessions no matter what I do.


This is on the module itself not on the apps that the module is being used, (you can ignore the description, the strings have been change by the team)

The expected behavior is to show and hide some components on the app among other things:

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello @Carlos_Ortiz!

This is a very weird bug, I am not sure where "individual_sessions" is coming from. Your first screenshot looks like you set the default value correctly.

Are you viewing actionType.value in the console while editing the module?

I just tried to reproduce the bug and the default value is being read correctly as product both in the console and in a text box component which is set to render actionType.value as shown below

Have you tried deleting the input and setting the input name and default value again? Also try creating a text box that displays {{actionType.value}} and let me know what shows up in the box. Maybe the issue is the debugger....

:smiling_face_with_tear: murphy's law

I just went ahead to check again and try to put a text box with {{ actionType.value }} but now it's working correctly, right off the bat. During the previous weeks I had to make the change manually and for a time I even got "opp" with no indication as where that was coming from. Even when product was the default value. And I indeed tried to delete the input and setting it again with no avail.

The issue was not the debugger since the actionType is tied to a component label and it was not showing Products. So... I'm not sure what happened there. There might be a line code causing the disruption but the module seems to be working properly everywhere else so it's very weird indeed.

I wish I could provide more feedback but the issue is really that I do not have any lead on how to trace the error.

Edit: Either way, thank you so much for the answer, I'll update the post if this happens again!

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@Carlos_Ortiz Glad I could help!

That's the beauty of software, there's always a surprise when you least expect it :sweat_smile:

That is very unusual that it would give you other strings like "opp" as well...

Let me know if the issue comes up again or if you have any new details on how we can track down the bug!