Module Border Not Appearing In Parent

I've noticed that in the last week or so that any borders that are applied to a module container or component are not being rendered in the parent app.


Parent App:


Hey @Andrew_Fraction! Ack, thank you for sharing this. Since you've reported this, we've pushed a fix for modules missing borders! Are you seeing the borders now? :crossed_fingers:

Hello Victoria, I am experiencing the same issue here.

Thank you for letting me know, Mariusz (also, nice to hear from you. It's been a while :slightly_smiling_face:). I let the engineering team working on this know!

Hi @Mariusz_Kolaszewski! Are you still running into this issue? If so, what version of Retool are you on?

I believe this is now fixed. Thank you Victoria!

Awesome - thank you for the confirmation, Mariusz :slight_smile:

Hello, I am still encountering this error.

In module:


Not sure if this is relevant, but if I resize the module in the app edit view, the border reappears. However, upon refreshing the page or viewing in non-edit mode, the border is still missing. Zooming in or out doesn't change anything.

Additionally, text is blurry within the module in app view. I am trying to find the source of that error as well, as I wonder if they're related (since the border is 1px width, maybe there is an issue with scaling). There was another thread related to this, but I figured I'd post here since this is module related.

In Module:

In App:

Hey @Daniel_Podlovics!

Glad to hear the container border issue has been fixed :slight_smile:

For the blurry text issue, are you able to reproduce this in a new, blank app using the same module?