After mobile login retool displays only a blank page

I've configured my account with SSO and to also allow non-SSO (username and password). After logging in with SSO on the mobile my 3 apps are displayed ok but with non-SSO after following the email login link it shows a blank page. If I log in with that account on a browser the apps are displayed ok. If I use the username/password option it redirects back to the mobile login page.

I've reinstalled the retool app on the phone, changed the user type to destop/mobile, given the user admin, nothing seems to help.

Any ideas?

@geoffp A few clarifying questions:

  • Is your org on Cloud?
  • Do you use any custom domains? (e.g. other than
  • Is the email you're logging in with associated with any other orgs?
  • Do you have any other extra auth settings enabled (e.g. 2FA)?

On cloud, with custom domain, not associated with other accounts, no MFA

I got them to add a new account and it works ok. Not sure what's up with the existing account that it's not possible to log in. Almost looks like the login return screen fails to redirect

Hey @geoffp! Glad to hear it's working with a new account. Do you know if this is affecting any of your other users, or just this one user?

If it’s only affecting this user, it could be something specific to their Retool account, their Google account, or perhaps their device. We can check for things like:

  • It’s possibly also related to her Google account and cookies set on her phone. Logging out of everything on may help.
  • Make sure this user doesn’t have any extra auth steps configured, eg Retool 2FA, that other users don’t use. Also confirm she’s in the same permission groups as the working users.

Lastly, a screen recording of this entire flow or screenshots of relevant steps that would be useful. A few things to look out for:

  • The “Sign in with Google” button that’s being clicked. We'd want to double check if that’s our login screen or a 3rd party OAuth screen.
  • The “Yes it’s me” email. Is that an email from Retool or Google?
  • What happens when the link in the “Yes it’s me” email is clicked?