Mark replies as "Workaround" or "Alternate Solution"

Since ya'll use Discourse I don't know if this is a possible change, but it would be nice to be able to mark some replies as something other than "Solution". An example would be the topic I started here: Popup code editor moves cursor while typing - #15 by bobthebear

at one point, I had marked the reply with the workaround using VS Code as the solution to hopefully attract people who have this problem to click on it so they'd be informed of an alternative (having the same problem and seeing there's no solution could be deterring viewers, mostly ones that don't post). it was later pointed out that it was confusing since a workaround isn't technically a solution, so i removed it as the solution.

Being able to mark a reply as a "Workaround" and/or "Alternate Solution" as well as a "Solution" could help in getting readers to the information they're looking for. Some topics really do have more than one solution and being able to mark them would be useful for any reader. If I'm reading a topic and the marked solution doesn't work I won't always continue reading more replies, but maybe that's just me.

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