Reference each component instance in New ListView

In the previous ListView you could refer to a particular component instance in a ListView like so: text1[i].value

In the new ListView if you simply reference text1.value within the scope of the ListView it will use the correct instance of the component.

But I see no way of getting to a particular component instance outside of the ListView scope.

In my particular use case, I add a new item to the ListView underlying array source and then I want to set focus to the first component in the new instance so the user can start typing right way.

Hi @bradlymathews, you're right that we currently don't allow referencing values by indexing in the new list view. We're currently working on features to support this! This is due to some performance features as the new List View is completely virtualized.

For now we'd recommend using event handlers on these components, such as an onChange to write-back state outside of the List View. I'd love to hear more about your use case as we're working on aggregation features.