Mapbox Map Upgrades

Hello, would love some additions to the current Mapbox map integration

  1. Custom Styles from Mapbox studio
  2. Popup windows on hover or click
  3. Ability to use Mapbox animation, fly-to, 3D features and show users location.
  4. When other data is clicked ability to specify location

The map is a wonderful feature of Retool but with these updates I think could be that much better.
Thank you so much :relaxed:

Hey @lukejamison and welcome to the community! Interesting ideas here - any chance you could share a bit more about what you’re doing in Retool with Mapbox?

Hello @justin thank you and thanks for getting back to me. I’m building an app to manage our local deliveries and a big part of that is seeing the delivery locations on a map. The current map is pretty great but the addition of the features I listed would be super helpful to know what map marker belongs with what job and things of that nature. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any further questions

@lukejamison cool, thanks for sharing. @dominic is actually working on a few related upgrades as we speak - we'll jump back in this thread when there's something ready to check out :slight_smile:

@justin thanks for getting back to me with those updates I’m really looking forward to what @dominic can add. Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon.

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@justin just had a quick question, are there any plans to be able to display a encoded polyline on the Mapbox Map?

Hey @lukejamison! Not on the roadmap currently but we can take a look :slight_smile:

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Hello @justin thanks for looking at that. Just wondering if there are any status updates with the Mapbox component?

Hey @lukejamison just wanted to let you know that you can now do #2 and #4 in Retool!

Specifically, we added a way to run a query "onHover" so you can run a JS query that opens up a modal.

We also added a way to select a point from a JS query, e.g. map1.selectPoint(yourPoint)

Let us know if you have any questions about that!

@dominicwhyte thank you for the reply and that information. Those are some super nice new features so thank you. I will try them and let you know how it goes. Also are there any plans to add some more basic map styles from Mapbox such as Streets, Satellite or Hybrid?

Hey @lukejamison it’s on our roadmap but I don’t have an exact timeline for you at the moment unfortunately. For now your best bet is probably to use a custom component - I’ll let you know once that changes

@dominicwhyte just wondering if there is any updates on this?

I would also love a satellite option here! I'm using Retool for internal users to verify the locations of things for which we have lat/lon stored in our DB...

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Strongly agree with @archy It would be awesome to have a satellite view!

Agreed on the "fly to" location option. I have a map set up to automatically update when I change a dropdown, but I haven't found a way to automatically update the viewport when I change the dropdown selection...unless someone knows how to do this already :grimacing:

Hey @brad.natelborg this might not be exactly what you are looking for but the Mapbox component does have a .setMapCenter function.

Perhaps that could help for your use case :slightly_smiling_face:

@archy, @Erwin thank you for voicing your interest in a Satellite View option for the Mapbox component. While I'm not able to guarantee any sort of timeline for that feature, we do have a request in place internally and we will let you know here if there are any updates on that feature request. Thanks again for your feedback!

@everett_smith Any update on the satellite view? It's a bit of a dealbreaker for us at the moment :crossed_fingers:

I've tried running the following JS query:


But it looks like the Retool map is not an instance of a MapBox map

Hi @mikeeeeeeey, We don't have plans to add satellite view anytime soon. I wish I had better news for you!

Looks like people have been asking for Satellite view for quite some time, any updates, or still "soon"?

Additionally, it would be awesome if we could click an unmarked part of the map and create a point and or feed coordinates into other components from a click action.


Hi @NWTTyler, Satellite style and other updates to the Mapbox component are not on our road map currently. I'll add your plus one to the request for Satellite style and create requests for the other functionality you described.

That being said, you can definitely build out what you've described with a custom component. Attached at the bottom is an export of an example. To import this JSON file and check out the setup, you can click Create new > From JSON on the home page. In this example, you'll need to add in a Mapbox Access Token to the Custom Component Iframe code to get it working. This is a very simple demo that allows you to add points to the map, pass them to the app and display them in a table. It uses a temporary state variable to store the points. To build out this kind of interaction where you pass data from the Custom Component to the app to modify it (add current_user data), I chose to set data in the Custom Components model from within the custom component and then trigger a JS query that is configured to use the data in the model. This is a vanilla JS example so I'm using the methods shown herewindow.Retool.subscribe, window.Retool.triggerQuery, window.Retool.modelUpdate. Let me know if you have any questions about this setup!