Make filters on tables read/write

I want to be able to copy and paste a URL and have the same dynamic filters on a table be persisted. Example workflow:

  • User loads a table with a lot of rows
  • User specifies filters on the table
  • I know that I can persist a variable in the URL, but there is no way to apply those same filters on page load

I want to be able to create pre-filtered pages and send them, or have people send me their URLs and be able to see what they see in the table (and to be able to clear the filters and see all of the results).

Other discussion: Is it possible to set a table's filters and sort order with URL parameters?


So to be clear, what’s missing from Retool right now that makes this a no-go is the ability to programmatically set table filters. We already support the ability to parse and write URL params, so it’s just a matter of automatically applying those to the table.

(just writing this for future onlookers)


Hi @justin! Being able to programmatically set table filters would be huge for my current project - is there any word on whether or not this feature is being worked on?


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Hey @isaac and welcome to the forum! Not currently starting work on this, but we’ll hopefully be able to get to it soon.


+1 for this - would be very useful and presumably not too difficult to change? Thanks!

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+1 - even just the ability to clearFilters() would be great for things like “Clear” buttons :slight_smile:


+1 - this would be very useful for APIs that don’t support filter parameters

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  • 1 - I need the clearFilters option for my current project as well, and the ability to programmatically set filters would be a welcome bonus.
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+1ing this too. Having pre-canned filters available and the ability to save and share filters would be extremely useful for our use case.