Visual Cue that Filter is Applied to Table Component

It would be helpful to have a visual cue when a filter is applied to a table component. Example below:

Many times a user of ours has set a filter on a table component and forgotten, then was confused when expected results wouldn’t appear.

This option could also be settable via the component property panel.
The visual cue could also have a link to clear all filters.

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+1 For this feature - Our support staff will keep a page open all day on heavy-use days, and they noted that it would be quite easy for them to get confused if there were no visual cue that a filter was applied. Also, they might apply up to five or six filters at a time, so having an easy way to clear all filters (without having to click into the filter widget) would be extremely helpful as well.

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(We definitely should add this, but a quick workaround would be to add a text or alert component that conditionally renders based on if table.filters isn’t null)

@justin That was already the workaround I had in progress, but definitely would like something built in if at all possible. More important would be the ability to clear ALL filters with one click or allow for us to programmatically clear filters (thus allowing us to do it with the click of a button that we create.)

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Yep, programmatically working with filters is a popular feature request :slight_smile: