MAJOR FLAW - NEW Temporary State(0) folder added to application but not by me

Seems that the Retool platform automatically added Temporary State folder to my app... I deleted it and lost all of my Temp State vars - Any thoughts on why this folder is there in the first place AND the fact that it CAN be deleted?
Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 2.42.23 PM

Oh shoot, reverting to a previous version restores that right?

I've never seen this folder pop up in any of my apps :thinking: Are you running cloud or on-prem?

I am on cloud - but yes reverting to last version restores it.... :sweat:

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Hey there :wave: Responding here as well as in the support chat. Thanks for flagging this, confirming that this was a bug that we should now have a fix for!

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