[bug]variable i not work in link button

Url, expression evaluating is ok, but I cannot click the link

Hey there @jk2K, happy to help! Could you tell me what component this link1component is inside of?

Hey there, so I believe this is expected behavior as this link1 component is not inside of a component that utilizes i (ie. a listView).

Can you let us know what functionality you're hoping to achieve with i so that we may help you achieve it?


I created an app that can reproduce this issue.

refer to Create custom list views

there is two issue

1 - i not work in query

Run JS Code(Javascript) is ok

SQL(GUI mode) is ok

SQL(SQL mode) is not work

Elasticsearch is not work

2 - expression preview is wrong, should be null

component text2 is not in ListView1, i should be undefined/null