Looking for self hosted version upgrade advices

Hello team,

We are currently using 2.110.3 and planning to upgrade it to latest version.
Since we are using a somewhat outdated version, so I imagine this would be a big change for us. I've seen the recommendation on testing the newruntime on 2.123 version.
Will there be any other things that I should consider before moving to 3.0 later? Any advice would be appreciated.


Hey @padam! The new runtime is the biggest change and as you noted we recommend stopping at 2.123 and testing this out on your apps before updating to 3.0+ where it is the default.

Other than that the only other major callout that I can think of is here regarding the code_executor service. But if you use the latest patch version of whichever minor version you are going to, this shouldn't be an issue.

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