Upgrade self-host Retool (v2.100.5) to the latest

My company is using a self-host Retool (v2.100.5) and I requested the DevOps team to upgrade it to the latest. The DevOps engineer isn't very familiar with Retool and he said - " My idea was to look at the GKE resources and copy them to the new project, but if Retool has a better way to move through SDLC environments and/or backup restore, then we should probably look at it."

So here is my question - Is there a recommended way to do the upgrade?

Hey @Yunju_Chen! We have some docs on best practices for updating your Retool instance. And upgrading a kubernetes deployment. Let me know if your team runs into any issues. Thanks!

Thank you!

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@Yunju_Chen I had a similar project in 2023. Here is a thread on backing up before an upgrade. The externalizing postgres is pretty important.

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