Login system in mobile

hi theres any option to add a login system to our mobile app? im creating one for my technician (we are a internet provider) so techs can have a mobile app for example to register installations of new clients, push out inventory that was used in installation and so on. but i would like to know if its possible to have a option to login in? or it uses the same login of main retool web?

thank you

Hey @agaitan026!

Would the login be for the technician or the client? And if it's for the client, would they just be logging in once to enter data, or is the idea that the app would become a portal for them?

It's possible to register mobile-only users in your org in the top left menu of the app you're creating which may be a start, the rest may depend on the specifics of your use case though:

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Technician as it's for our internal use only

Oh so I need that and that's all, so each tech have a user created in retool. Thank you